Statistics prove that slots are the most popular casino game whether it is the offline or the online version we are talking about. So what exactly are slots? It is the game which is played on the slot machine. There is a lever on the side of the machine and three compartments in front. After you have inserted the required money into the machine, you press the lever down. The three compartments have reels that begin to turn. On the basis of the combination that is displayed before your eyes, you are rewarded nothing or a jackpot.

The game was enjoyed so much in its offline version that software companies got the idea to release an online version of it. This has changed the whole scenario. The popularity that slots used to enjoy is nothing compared to the reputation it has got now. The reasons for this game becoming so well sought after are many. The most important is the convenience factor. You are no more required to visit frequent pubs and casinos if you want to play slots. You can now do it from the luxury of your own home, sitting in your pajamas, having snacks. The online version has brought the game of slots and the players much closer. Also you do not need to stick to any set pattern or schedule. Whether you feel like playing late at night, in the afternoon or early morning, you can do it.

There are many websites that allow you to play online slots. Before you begin to patronize any one site, make sure you have researched about online casino sites thoroughly. Each site will have something new and different to offer. You must check out all that each has to offer and only then decide which one you will open an account in. you must also read up on all the reviews whether these are by professionals or amateurs. If there are more of negative reviews then it is best to not try out that site at all.

Even after you have read the reviews, first open the free account on that site. Play a few times using that free account so that you get a hang of the site. This will also provide you the chance to understand any pitfalls that the site may have.

After you have got familiar with the site, then you can open the money account with them. There is no need to go overboard with that in the beginning. Use only small amounts to play as there are good chances that you will lose more than win. Once you feel you are ready to put large sums at stake, only then should you deposit more money with the site. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, no matter how sure you are that your luck will change. It is not a good strategy to go back home bankrupt.

If you forget about winning and losing and do not come under pressure, online slots can be real fun.